Day 6


Today was day 6 of following my newly chosen path. It’s been a great day. I stayed focused, ate right and torched the calories in my workout!

Because my focus isn’t so much on losing weight as it is on adopting a healthier lifestyle, I plan to weigh myself only on the 23rd of each month. That way I won’t be so focused on the number and will instead simply focus on taking the right actions to become healthier. Also, progress does not show every day or even every week. By weighing in once a month I will be able to assess any weight loss more easily.

Good News! I stayed on track today and burned a total of 445 calories! Go me!!!

So here’s day 6!


Mood: Determined, Optimistic, High-energy all day

Hours of sleep last night: 9.5 hours

Waking / Resting Heart Rate: 62 bpm

Ending Heart Rate: 82 bpm

Exercise: 90 minutes total (yoga, Fat-burning Pilates, speed-walking on treadmill & Shake Weight 6-minute Workout)

Breakfast: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Original Oatmeal, 8 oz. ice water, Yogi Detox tea (caffeine-free), Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin, Kelp supplement (GNC), Acai Trim Supplement (Antioxidants)

Lunch: 8 oz. Total Lean Chocolate Shake (GNC), 3 cups of Wise Butter Flavor Popcorn**

Dinner: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Original Oatmeal (plain), 8 oz. ice water, Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin


Comments: Today got off to a great start and is ending well as well! I stuck to the eating plan, with a bit of an adjustment.

** With the salt cravings being so strong right now, I’ve decided to just try to cut myself just a little bit of slack. I like popcorn so much (and at least air-popped it’s actually ok for you) that I’ve decided to let myself have a little at lunch and dinner. I stick to the serving size on the bag, which fortunately is only about 150 calories. The sodium isn’t horrible either. And I’m so under the limit for calories per day that it doesn’t hurt my progress. It also serves to ease the cravings a bit, and I don’t feel as though I need more of it once I eat it. I’m perfectly fine with the serving size. At dinner I had Wise White Cheddar Popcorn (a little higher in sodium but the same in calories), but I had less than the serving size – just about 5 hand-fuls. That was perfect. It eased the craving and I was able to limit the portion so that it was less than 150 calories and less sodium intake as well.

My workout today was great! I got a little of everything in – yoga, fat-burning pilaties, speed-walking and the shake weight. I burned a whopping 445 calories! I’m so proud of myself! I wish I could do that every day but I also don’t want to over-do it. If I can burn between 380 and 400 calories per workout that will be just fine for me. I’m still super proud though. Today was the first day that I could really envision myself thinner, leaner and healthier. That was great motivation. So yay! Everything’s all set for tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t over-sleep like this morning, lol.


Days 4 & 5: Weekend of 10/26/13


I’m lumping days 4 & 5 together because they were the weekend…and not a very good weekend either.  :/

Because my focus isn’t so much on losing weight as it is on adopting a healthier lifestyle, I plan to weigh myself only on the 23rd of each month. That way I won’t be so focused on the number and will instead simply focus on taking the right actions to become healthier. Also, progress does not show every day or even every week. By weighing in once a month I will be able to assess any weight loss more easily. So here’s day 4 & 5!


Mood: Flighty all weekend long & a little down from missing my man

Hours of sleep last night: 9 hours both nights

Exercise: 60 minutes total on Saturday (stretching, speed-walk on treadmill, light Pilates), 0 minutes on Sunday

I blew my meals this past weekend.  😦


Comments: This past weekend was hard for me. I think I was feeling down emotionally. My man hadn’t called in a few days so I was missing him. My closest friends also moved away last week and I’m so used to hanging with them on the weekends that I felt somewhat alone. I think that resulted to emotional eating. I totally blew my eating this weekend with popcorn (LOTS of it, full of sodium) and pizza. I think it was a comfort food thing – emotional eating due to the 2 issues above.

Weekends are always hard for me because I feel that one should really be doing and eating more fun things on the weekend. For some reason I can keep it business as usual during the week. When the weekend comes though, it’s like I lose my mind. I think the universe was trying to send my warnings too. I went out to get popcorn on Saturday night and had to transfer a little money to do so since I haven’t gotten paid yet. That process took WAY longer than usual and was really frustrating. Then the store was ridiculously full and I had to wait in line. On Sunday my pizza burned a bit. It’s still edible, but not like I’d like it…and it was the last one. So yeah, I think the universe was trying to throw obstacles in my way to keep me from getting off track. Unfortunately, I am stubborn and determined and didn’t take the warnings for what they were. So I give myself a fail for the weekend.

I will be much more alert to such cravings over the coming weekend and will strive not to let emotions rule what I eat.

Yay, it’s the weekend!


Good morning all…it’s finally Saturday. The weather’s been chilly but awesome so perhaps I’ll take the pup on a long walk today. Will have to see if I can get all my work finished to fit it in. Whatever you’re striving for, do something to make it happen today and if the weather is good where you are, take it in! Happy Saturday all!

The Perfect Bit of Motivation to Keep Going


So I was given a great bit of motivation back on Wednesday of this week. I got an email from my honey (which is awesome in and of itself because it takes about as long to get an email as it does to get a letter in the mail). He just wanted to say how much fun he had last Saturday when my sister and I came to visit. And then he said something that made everything I’m doing now worth it…

“You looked out of this world for some reason, like you were glowing! New skin care product? New diet? Eating healthy must be doing some good stuff!”

That email came in just as I was getting ready to start my fat-burning Pilates routine for the day! You can’t imagine what great motivation that is, that the one person I want to notice what I’m doing actually did. It was fantastic, and made realize that even if I can’t always see the changes and results for myself, others are noticing. So YAY!!!


Day 3


Today was day 3 of following my newly chosen path. It didn’t quite turn out the way I planned it, but it went well none the less. I learned some new things and got some time to do some reading up on health stuff that I wanted to do yesterday but didn’t have time. So all in all, not a bad day!

Because my focus isn’t so much on losing weight as it is on adopting a healthier lifestyle, I plan to weigh myself only on the 23rd of each month. That way I won’t be so focused on the number and will instead simply focus on taking the right actions to become healthier. Also, progress does not show every day or even every week. By weighing in once a month I will be able to assess any weight loss more easily.

Good News! Looking back at my calorie tracker app on my phone, I learned today that I’ve lost 6 lbs since starting this whole thing. May not seem like much, but to me it’s progress!

So here’s day 3!


Mood: Optimistic, High-energy all day

Hours of sleep last night: 9.5 hours

Waking / Resting Heart Rate: 68 bpm

Ending Heart Rate: 78 bpm

Exercise: none today

Breakfast: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 8 oz. ice water, Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin, Kelp supplement (GNC), Acai Trim Supplement (Antioxidants)

Lunch: 8 oz. Total Lean Vanilla Bean Shake (GNC), 5 regular Ritz crackers**

Dinner: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Original Oatmeal (plain), 10 regular Ritz crackers, 8 oz. ice water, Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin


Comments: Like yesterday, today was interested, I woke up with the intention of doing my fat-burning Pilates and Shake Weight exercise routine, but got off to a slow start and ate a very late breakfast. None the less, today was another high-energy day which is good. Instead of exercising, I took the time to do some reading and research on a few health topics and to join a new online health & weight loss community. Reading the stories of others and sharing my own was worth taking the day off from exercise, and since the weekend hasn’t hit yet I can still get in my 4 to 5 days of exercise for the week.

I have decided that I’m being a little too restrictive with calories. For the past few days I’ve probably eaten around 1100 calories, maybe a little less. I don’t have a real way to calculate calories for my V8-on-steroids, but I’m estimating it to be no more than 300 calories per 8 oz (and that’s only because it has avocados and a few other ingredients that are good for you but higher in calories & good fats). So today I allowed myself 3 servings of Ritz crackers and you know what? I still only hit about 1230 calories. That’s fine though. I am trying to lose weight, so there’s not a real need to keep going just to hit 1500 or 2000 calories…especially if my body didn’t give me a signal to say it needed more than what I was putting in it.

An interesting thing did happen at breakfast though. Today I tried the Maple & Brown Sugar flavored oatmeal instead of the plan. I thought it would be a slightly healthier way to spice up my meal. But it ended up being WAY to much for me to handle. It was insanely sweet, almost to the point that I couldn’t take it. It also felt heavier (and I guess it should have, because it was higher in calories than the plan oatmeal I’ve gotten used to). I couldn’t even finish it all. About 2/3 of the way through the bowl I had to give it up. I felt full and just didn’t want anymore. That was a signal if ever I’ve heard of one. So I felt bad about wasting that last little bit, but didn’t feel the need to stuff myself just to avoid wasting food. So perhaps there’s something to the fact that when you’re experiencing true hunger flavors are more intense. It certain was for me and that was my first meal of the day. I’ve eaten other things that are maple & brown sugar flavored but haven’t ever had that kind of reaction. So perhaps my body is really starting to respond to all the high-nutrient food I’m giving it. Could be too soon to tell and could be just my imagination, but who knows. I’ve been at this for a while so perhaps there really is something to it.

From now on, I won’t worry so much about splurging on crackers here and there. At first I was feeling really bad for caving and to some extent I still do. But they aren’t the absolute worst thing in the world and they’re not adding anything like 500 extra empty calories to my daily intake, so it shouldn’t be such a big deal. The biggest thing is that I’m getting at least a lb of veggies and fruits (mostly organic and all raw) a day now through my V8-on-steroids, I’m drinking more water and I’m taking in much less sugar and sodium. Those make a good start I think!

A [Not So] Short Rant About Perspectives on Health and the Nutritarian Diet


So since I’ve started on this path I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research about the nutriarian diet, food cravings, Dr. Fuhrman’s beliefs and how others view his approach to health. What I’ve found is interesting, a bit shocking, and also a bit saddening.

I am not the type to put all of my eggs in one basket. So when I made the decision to start changing my eating habits to be more in line with the nutritarian diet, I did so knowing that I would not be strictly following it…not at first anyway. I know how I am. When I try to cut something out cold turkey, it backfires and my cravings (and subsequent indulgence) for certain types of foods become overwhelming and I end up going in the complete opposite direction. That is not what I wanted for myself this time. What I’m working toward is much too important. I’d rather allow in a few extra calories or a bit more sodium here and there than completely relapse and eat a whole pizza in one day (which I did this past Tuesday). Yeah, maybe that’s not the right way to think and maybe it shows that my will is a bit weak, but winning the overall war is more important than losing a few small battles here and there.

That said, I have agreed to allow myself one “baddie” meal per week. That can be anything – fast food, pizza (in moderation), buttered microwave or movie theater popcorn, a subway sandwich with no veggies and extra bacon, ice cream – anything. But I only get that choice 1 time per week. In addition, I am working so that the rest of the meals are either low calorie / high-nutrient density or else a moderate amount of calories and high-nutrient density (as is the case with some fruits & veggies), and I’m working to burn off at least 1000 calories each week through exercise. It is likely that I burn much more, but I’m trying to calculate things on a realistic level. Perhaps with all the good things I’m doing, that 1 “baddie” meal per week won’t be quite so damaging.

In most cases I will be removing animal-based fats etc. from my regular diet. Not completely. I am not someone who pushes the PETA agenda as so many vegans, vegetarians and nutritarians are accused of being (which I’ll discuss later). I am not at all opposed to slapping some pork or foul (in the form of bacon, ham, turkey or chicken) on a sandwich or frying some up for breakfast once in a blue moon. Being a Southern girl, I’m also not opposed to a traditional Southern breakfast, Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. I will enjoy those things when the time comes, but not nearly as regularly as I once did. That being said, I have specific issues I’m trying to get control of without the use of medications or unnatural chemical treatments. That means I need to make some changes that involve leaving certain animal products behind – milk (which our society does too much unnatural stuff to these days), eggs (which are just too high in cholesterol) and butter and margarine (which again our society fills up with too much unnatural stuff).

What is so shocking to me about what I’ve been reading about the nutritarian diet is how those who don’t want to follow it feel about it – or rather, how vocal they are in their dislike or distrust of it. I have seen and heard Dr. Fuhrman called all kinds of names, the kindest of which is a “PETA freak always pushing the no-meat agenda.” Perhaps he is someone who is a figurehead for PETA and would try to save an animal at every turn. Is that such a bad thing though? Also, the fact of the matter is that for many Americans animal products really do just aggravate health issues which are laying dormant under the surface…particularly for those with a well-documented family history of cardiovascular disease and death, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If the average American could be trusted to control their portions, and if the FDA didn’t allow so much tainting of our foods, perhaps consuming more animal products which pose such a problem. Unfortunately, American society seems to thrive on the “bigger is better” notion for just about everything. Time and time again, we have seen that it gets us in trouble but we do little to curb that way of thinking. We like our bigger vehicles but they require more gasoline, which drives up fuel prices, contaminates the air we have to breath and makes us spend more money we could have otherwise saved. We like our bigger houses, but often live above our means so that most of us never truly experience the American dream the way we should (and often fall into credit and financial problems as a result of trying to keep that big, pretty house that was probably more than we needed). And most of all we like our big honking meal portions or else we feel like we’re not getting our money’s worth, and most restaurants gladly oblige. When it comes right down to it though, those bigger portions mean more calories that our bodies probably didn’t absolutely need (because our previous meal in the day was just as big), more fats (and not necessarily the good kind), and an unwillingness to accept anything less. I mean, how many times have you ever seen a friend at a party eat just 3 hot wings or 1 slice of pizza and leave it at that? I know I haven’t, and that’s the problem. Americans in general (not all, but a good many) can’t be trusted to control their own portions, not all restaurants can be trusted to do so for them, the ones that can be trusted to control portions are mocked and boycotted because they “charge way too much for that little bit of food” and the FDA unfortunately allows a ridiculous amount of random stuff to be processed into our foods, added into our soil and water and injected in our livestock. So yeah, limiting animal products – especially those that aren’t organically-raised – doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

The probably with the way people seem to be mocking Dr. Fuhrman’s approach and the nutritarian diet is that they think the way of life they’re so used to is being threatened. That’s the way it seems to be for just about anything that people speak out against so vehemently. They’re afraid that if people like Dr. Furhman speak out enough, that others in higher positions will start to listen and that they way America eats, drinks and is served will start to change. I mean, wasn’t there a big huge uproar when smoking was banned in public places? That was really just because the smokers who opposed the change didn’t like anyone messing with their way of life. They didn’t care that their habit was harming others. They probably felt those others could just go to another restaurant or sit somewhere else if they didn’t like it. For humans that are supposed to care about their community though, that’s not a very productive way to think. Imagine if children began to develop serious illnesses because of the second hand smoke? What if the families of those very outspoken smokers started to get sick? Would their tune change then? Maybe, maybe not. But it shouldn’t be for them to decide someone else’s fate. Had I been an adult at the time, I would have said, “Maybe I can go to another restaurant but I have the right to eat here and my actions aren’t potentially hurting anyone else. YOU can go smoke at home or in your car, where only YOU will be affected by your habit.”

The thing is, it’s different with all of the different eating plans out there. Dr. Fuhrman isn’t forcing anyone to believe as he believes. He’s not condemning them for eating animal products. He feels that they aren’t as healthy in they current way they are grown / raised / processed and not healthy in the amounts we usually eat, but he doesn’t tell anyone they’re going to Hell for eating eggs or a steak. He offers an alternative way of thinking and eating for those who want to try it and for the people who come to him as patients. His approach is meant to help in specific situations where people need to get disorders and diseases (or the onset of them) under control and want to do so without medication. That’s it. He addresses the nutritional elements he thinks are important. Does that mean that nutrition can’t be had from animal products? Absolutely not! Free-range eggs, organic meats and milk without all the added stuff can be great for you. It’s just that unless you grow & raise your own or unless you’re willing to spend the money to buy all organic, you won’t have any idea if the stuff you’re consuming is safe or not.

I don’t knock anyone who wants to try things in a different way. I admit that it takes a certain type of person to make the move to the nutritarian diet. In fact, I will admit that I am not quite there myself (as is evidenced by my allowance of the 1 “baddie” meal per week). However, I won’t knock someone or their beliefs if they feel that another eating plan is better for them. The thing is, we’re all different. Think about how many factors there are to health and the inner workings of the human body. We have different weights, risk factors, muscle masses, blood types, cultures (which are a large part of how we prepare and eat food), and bone masses. Our brains also work in completely different ways. As much as humans are alike, they are also each vastly different from each other. There are no 2 people in this world whose bodies and brains function in exactly the same way. So why should everyone agree on the same eating plans? Even if my sister and I (who probably have most of the same risk factors given that we are immediate family) were twins with the same general body structure and weight, we would still have different nutritional needs. We live in different places, which changes things. She lives in a larger, fast-paced city with air and other factors that are heightened or different from those of the city I live in because it is smaller. On a daily basis, she may encounter more outside toxins that I do and therefore may have a higher need for antioxidants in her diet. That’s an assumption, but just an example of how even people who are similar can and will have different nutritional needs.

In particular, I have seen that those who follow the paleo / primal eating plan are very outspoken against Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to food consumption and health and the nutritarian diet. I’ve only done a little reading on the paleo / primal plan, but from the way those who follow it describe it we as humans have primal nutritional needs going back to the days of early humans and the plan they follow is indicative of those needs. I’ve heard a few of them mock the vegan / vegetarian way, saying that humans weren’t meant to eat or live like that and that vegans / vegetarians are harming themselves by denying their bodies of all of the good stuff in animal products. Some claim that they can still be very healthy even though they can eat whatever they want. I don’t know how true that is and have no science to counter their claims, so I won’t try. To be honest I don’t feel like doing that anyway. If they feel they can eat and live that way, then good for them and I hope they gain the best of health from doing so. However you choose to get there, optimal health at the end of the day is what’s most important. However, I will say this. My theory is that over time, we as humans have evolved much in the way that other animals have. We are animals, after all. Our environments – everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink and wash in and use for cooking to the kinds of vegetation and edible animals that exist – have also changed drastically. The world now is nothing like it was when early men and women lived. So to me, it seems that our nutritional and exercise needs will also have changed or will require more adjustments. I believe that the early humans ate much more meat (in particular red meat), but also balanced that with local vegetation and other organisms to get the roughage they needed. The difference is that they didn’t yet have breads and much in the way of carbs (the way they are now) introduced into their diets. Also, the meat they ate was not at all altered by chemicals or added hormones or polution or anything else not found within naturally, and those animals probably ate more balanced diets and exercised more. And in addition, early humans hunted, migrated and gave birth naturally, so the amount and type of exercise they got was probably different (and much better) from what the average American gets these days. Taking in all of those differences, it would seem that early humans led an overall healthier lifestyle than we do today…not because they wanted to necessarily, but because their environment and circumstances dictated such. We, on the other hand, do not get as much or the type of exercise that they did. Most of our food is, unfortunately, not untainted as it was in the days of early humans. Much of our food is also not as lean because we general eat livestock that do not have to live from a nature we haven’t created for them and do not often have to hunt for themselves or run for their lives on a daily basis. And many of us do not give birth naturally. We allow others to cut us open, or inject chemicals to dull the pain, meaning that our children start out life in a different way than early human babies did. So why would their diet, born of a different time, environment and circumstances, be completely acceptable for us now? My thought is that it isn’t, not necessarily. If you live on a farm and you know the quality of the soil you raise your crops in, know the quality of the water you drink and give to your livestock, and know that your livestock and crops aren’t enhanced with outside stuff, then great. The paleo / primal plan may work quite well for you. However, most of us do not live in those conditions. We depend on whoever sells the food we eat to give us stuff that is good quality, which is not always the case (unless perhaps you buy direct from a farm that meets all of the characteristics I described above). We also depend on government agencies to determine what can be added to our foods, if they can or can’t pass inspection and if they may be carrying diseases that could affect us. To me, that means that we have to be MUCH more careful about what we consume. And again, because we (not as individuals but as a nation) can’t be trusted to manage portions, eating the way early humans may have done may not be the best idea for some of us.

No, I think their outspokenness is more because they feel that the vegan / vegetarian / nutritarian plan is threatening to change their way of life. No one is forcing them into anything, yet they’re quick to get into heated discussions that usually end in them dogging any plan that doesn’t allow animal products (or very few of them). Why is that? It seems that a person only becomes defensive about something when they feel threatened in someway, or when they are denying to themselves the fact that something they’re doing isn’t quite adequate. That is what it sounds like to me with these particular people. Those particular people whose comments I read (check this post, this post or this post to see what I mean) would be quick to call me a tree-hugging PETA cult freak, even though I don’t feel that way about them just because of how they choose to eat and live. Is that to say that everyone following the paleo / primal plan would react to my feelings in the same way? Of course not! There are extremists in every culture and way of life. Those are likely from the most extreme group of people who follow the paleo / primal way. And I’m sure there are lots of vegans / vegetarians / nutritarians who would say they’re going to Hell for eating animals or that they’ll die a horrible death or snubbing veggies, but they are the extremists on the other side of the spectrum.

I choose to stand in the middle, in neutral territory. I do not think the paleo / primal plan would work for me based on the little I’ve heard about it. Then again, I’m sure my needs are different from those of the people who follow that plan. I need to reduce (or eliminate if possible) the high risk factors that exist for me. I also need a more natural way than 5-hour energy to increase my energy and mood on a daily basis. And I need to keep outside toxins as low as possible to support reducing those risk factors. So I choose a diet that focuses more on certain types of fruits and vegetables and fewer animal products because I did not eat enough veggies and low-sugar fruits growing up (maybe I’d be taller if I had  😦  ) and because animal products only seem to make me crave them more and don’t really support lowering my risk for high cholesterol, heart disease, breast cancer or diabetes. I am also choosing to eat this way because I want to have better habits if and when my fiance and I decide to start trying for children. I don’t want to raise them on the notion that huge portions of not-so-good-stuff are better just because you want to get your money’s worth. I don’t want to raise them with tons of outside hormones, chemicals and other toxins being so prevalent in their diets. I don’t want them born premature, or with complications like early-onset diabetes or autism or ADHD. I don’t want to doom them to a life of dependence on medications (which would likely do their bodies more harm than good and would always be a hard hit to their finances and general freedom). I think that, for now, choosing the nutritarian way is a more responsible approach to future parenthood and that starting now will mean I will be in the habit of better eating and more physical activity by the time we get pregnant (if we even decide to).

So what I’d say to all of those who have been so negative about the nutritarian diet is this: Take a good, long look at what you’re eating and doing. Only you can really determine whether what you’re doing is good for you and your family (current or future) or not. But don’t knock a different way of doing things just because it isn’t what you want to do yourself. No one is forcing this way of life on you. I say learn from it what you can. You may find that a hybrid approach is even better than sticking strictly to one or the other. Your unwarranted vehemence and negativity make me feel that there is actually something wrong with what you’re doing, that you’re trying to protect something that may not be so good for you, or that you yourself feel that what you’re doing may not be the best approach to your health. I say that because such heightened defensiveness often comes about as the result of trying to hide or protect something that you feel is not so great. Also, such unwarranted negativity sounds a lot like bullying in many ways, and we all know that bullying generally comes from insecurity either in yourself or what you’re doing or not doing. So before you knock the way Dr. Fuhrman or anyone else is trying to do things, consider what it is you’re truly doing to yourself. If you can say that you’re controlling your portions and consuming unprocessed and untainted versions of the animal products you choose to eat, then great! If you can’t say that though, you may want to rethink how you’re approaching your own health rather than knocking how someone else is approaching theirs.

I will not be one of those people though who makes assumptions without learning more for myself. So I’m reading up on the Primal Blueprint to better understand how they approach health. Perhaps I can form a sort of hybrid plan for myself – leaving out the animal products for now but perhaps incorporating some of the other beliefs. And anyone who’s stuck with this post for this long is welcome to further educate me…as long as you keep it respectful!

Day 2


Well it’s day 2. Day 1 went ok, reached my goals for the day so that’s a good thing. I also think I plan to record my heart rate when I wake up, after working out and before bed. I’ll start that tomorrow.

Because my focus isn’t so much on losing weight as it is on adopting a healthier lifestyle, I plan to weigh myself only on the 23rd of each month. That way I won’t be so focused on the number and will instead simply focus on taking the right actions to become healthier. Also, progress does not show every day or even every week. By weighing in once a month I will be able to assess any weight loss more easily. So here’s day 2!


Mood: Optimistic, Low-energy in the morning, High-energy by the afternoon

Hours of sleep last night: 10 hours

Exercise: 60 minutes total (stretching, speed-walk on treadmill, Shake Weight 6-minute Workout)

Breakfast: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Original Oatmeal (plain), 8 oz. ice water, Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin, Kelp supplement (GNC), Acai

Lunch: 8 oz. Total Lean Vanilla Bean Shake (GNC), 1 bag of Act II Butter Lover’s Popcorn**

Dinner: 8 oz. of V8-on-steroids (my nutritarian alternative), 1 serving of Quaker Original Oatmeal (plain), 8 oz. ice water, Irwin Naturals Women’s Living Green Liquid Vitamin


Comments: Today was an interesting day. According to my alarm I slept for 9 and a half hours. But when I woke up at 9am, I still felt really tired. I slept through 2 more alarms (spaced 30 minutes apart) before getting up. I also didn’t feel very energetic when I got up. In fact I didn’t feel very high-energy until I was about to step on the treadmill. Once I got on though, the energy finally kicked in for the day. After that I felt great!

**If you’ve followed me at all, then you’ll have noticed that some awesomely salty, buttery popcorn made its way into my lunch. My Dad and I had planned to go to the movies tomorrow. Unfortunately, our entire area doesn’t seem to be showing the movie we want to see (pisses me off, completely different story). I had been planning to have popcorn and soda at the movies anyway – my one allowed “baddie” meal per week. But since our movie isn’t showing in this area and there’s nothing we want to see until Nov. 1, I decided to have my popcorn fix today instead. Something I’ve heard about horrible, bad-for-you foods is that once you give in and eat them, cravings become worse and it can take days to get out of that pattern of eating. That didn’t quite happen to me, though. If you remember from yesterday I was craving salt, but didn’t quite find as much as I wanted in the low-sodium Ritz crackers. Today’s popcorn, however, really hit the spot. And I didn’t really crave any more salt today. So I’m hoping giving myself the 1 “baddie” meal per week will help ease the cravings without driving me crazy.

I am really proud of my workout though! I went 54 minutes on the treadmill (with stretch breaks) and managed to burn 389 calories! That’s my highest number yet. The best part is that I didn’t feel particularly tired afterwards. Just went on to do my arm workout like it was nothing. I’m also able to stay at 3.3 mph for most of the workout. That’s something for me to go that speed, because I have short legs that make it hard to do speed-walking. Seems like my endurance is building up, which I’m really excited about. I want to get to where I can burn 450 calories in a day. We’ll see how long it takes to get there.

All in all, a good day. About to head to bed so I can get a decent amount of sleep. Then it’s pilates tomorrow and we’ll see if we can keep going!